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About Aqua Clear Spas

Aqua Clear provides service and maintenance for a variety of spa and hot tub owners; including vacation rentals, absentee home owners and full time home owners. This variety of customer types has allowed us to gain great insight into spa use and water maintenance issues. We may not have seen all there is to see but we've seen enough to understand how to take care of your spa. Aqua Clear has been dedicated to professional service and customer satisfaction in the Central Oregon area for over 10 years. From meager beginnings our growth has been both steady and rapid. The success and growth of Aqua Clear are signs of our customer satisfaction. Our Approach to water maintenance is first to gain an understanding of the usage of your spa, then identify the frequency of service and types of chemicals to use in maintaining a crystal clear spa for you. Our service technicians are both thorough and dependable. Aqua Clear is recommended by many of the spa dealers in Central Oregon as the spa maintenance company of choice. We look forward to serving you in the future.